Sites similar to Clicksor

Clicksor is a PPC (pay per click) service provider, which allows businesses to set up ads on their site, and earn based upon visitor clicks. As with all PPC ads, a business owner earns a small percentage, per click, which visitors on their site choose the ads to visit while on a particular site.

What is Clicksor?

Sites like Clicksor serve the purpose to help a business owner or site developer increase profit margins. It is a PPC tool, which allows you to place ads on your site, meaning each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you are going to earn a marginal percentage. The amount depends on the ad, and the percentage which is paid through these ads.


Some benefits of sites like Clicksor are:

  • They will help to increase profit margins for your business.
  • Each click means you are earning pennies on the dollar from your visitors.
  • You do not have to do anything. Simply place ads on your site, and your visitors click on them.
  • There are multiple types of ads, based upon your niche, so you only deliver those of interest to your site visitors.


Some of the drawbacks of such sites are:

  • PPC ads are annoying, and might turn away certain visitors.
  • You don’t receive much per click. So, it requires thousands of clicks, to see actual profit jumps.
  • Ads might not be tailored to your niche, and this can hurt your business if you use such ads on your site.
  • They are contextual ads which are placed on your site. So, the platform is not going to benefit every business out there.

The Cost of Clicksor

The cost to use sites like Clicksor for interstitial and pop-under ads, you will receive $0.0025 per click. With the banner graphic ads, you can expect to earn about $0.035 per click. So, it will require hundreds, if not thousands of clicks, to actually see the desired returns.

Alternatives to Clicksor

The main benefit is higher profit margin. If you search, you are likely to find a similar site that is going to pay you more as a business owner, each time visitors click on ads on your site. Other benefits include:

  • More ads, based upon your industry or niche as a business owner.
  • More options from which to choose, so you can cater ads to your visitor.
  • The ability to choose placement, design, and other features, to ensure you place the best ads.

With PPC ads, you are going to increase profit margins, if you have a high volume of visitors on your site. And, if they are willing to click on the pop-up and banner ads, you can really make profits. For those who want to turn the highest profit margins, below are a few of the top alternative sites to Clicksor to consider, in order to ensure you earn more, and pay less for using the ads on your page.

1. Revenue Hits

If you want a Clicksor alternative site, this is it. Here you rely on various types of banner or pop-up ads, which are placed on your site, and for each click, you are paid a small percentage as a business owner.

Some similarities include:
  • The sites rely on PPC advertising.
  • Clicks and conversion rates will depend upon the type of ad visitors click.
  • Duration on the ad will determine earning potential.
Some of the site differences include:
  • The ability to custom-tailor ads, and choose those more relevant to your audience.
  • Quick and easy placement. All you do is choose the ad type.
  • You can set up multiple ads, and types of ads, so there are more ways to earn.

You can include apps in widgets, and you are also paid on these ad-clicks as a business owner. Earnings are paid out once a threshold of $50 is reached, which is paid to PayPal accounts. Banner, pop-under, pop-up, slider, or top-banner ads, are a few of the options available for use, and depending on which of these are clicked, you will earn a different profit-margin as a business owner.

2. Bidvertiser

This is one of the top sites like Clicksor. It is easy to use, you easily set the ads up on your website, and from there, each click a visitor makes on the ads, will result in profits to you as a business owner.

Some similarities between the sites are:
  • They use PPC ads. Your customers need to click on ads, for you to profit.
  • There are several ad-types you can choose from for your site.
  • There are general or niche-specific ads, based upon business needs.
Some of the differences are:
  • It works on a bid-system. You bid, and choose ads which tailor to your audience.
  • You have multiple types of ads you can place, so you can use those your visitors would actually visit.
  • Business owners can choose ad type, when placing content on their site.

A revenue generating toolbar is used to determine earnings as a business owner. This will calculate clicks and how long visitors stay on ads, which will determine your profit. As a business, you can choose to be paid in increments of $10 or $100, and this is sent to your PayPal account once the threshold is reached.

3. Pop Ads

On this site like Clicksor, visitors are going to view multiple ads on your website. From there, they can choose ads which are related to the type of content sold on your site, which will result in earnings/profits for you as a business owner.

Some similarities of these sites are:
  • Earnings are based on ad-type clicked by visitors.
  • Ad-types will generate different profit margins.
  • The duration of each click will have an impact on the earning potential.
Some of the differences are:
  • The ways in which you earn will vary. App or mobile, desktop or laptop, will dictate earnings margins.
  • There are multiple ad types, you can choose the best for your site visitor.
  • Business owners can modify ads and placement, to ensure a best fit for their site.

In terms of the revenue, average revenue for 1000 clicks is about $4. So, this comes out to about $0.04 per ad. This is a base-line. The site claims to be the highest earning option, regardless of the ad type which a visitor clicks on, so it is worth checking out if you plan on using ads to help increase profits.

4. Viglink

This is another site like Clicksor you can use for generating profits. It is an ad-generating site, which allows business owners to add popup, banner, text, and other ad alerts on their site, and visitors click on these ads generating profit to the business owner.

Similarities with Clicksor include:
  • Ads are placed on page where site owner chooses.
  • There are various ads you can choose from, for mobile and desktop sites.
  • You can choose tailored ads, based on the type of business you operate.
Some of the differences include:
  • Text, SMS, and other ad options are available for mobile sites.
  • There are targeted ads for use on your site, which will pinpoint visitors to content of interest.
  • There are various ways to earn, and profit margins are high for all ad types visitors click on.

Revenue share is between 25-50% per click. So, depending on the ad clicked on, site owners will receive a percentage amount. This can range from $0.002 up to $0.05 per ad, which makes a broad earning range, and allows businesses to choose the higher-earning ads to place on their site, resulting in higher profit margins over time.

5. Click Viper

A final alternative to consider if you are considering Clicksor is Click Viper. It is easy to use, set up, and easy to tailor the ads on your site, based upon the type of business or website you run as the owner.

Some similarities are:
  • The ads you choose will depend on the type of business you operate.
  • You can choose higher-earning ads to place, meaning greater profit margins.
  • You are in an ad-sharing environment, meaning profits are split between you and advertising companies.
Some of the differences include:
  • Ad rates and revenue. It depends on the type of ad you place on your website.
  • Revenue and payout dates will depend on the threshold available in your account at any given point in time.
  • You can set up alerts and other features, to ensure you know which are working, and which ads don’t, so you can cater ads to your visitor’s needs.

Payout rates range from 25-50% per ad. On this platform, you can receive either a PayPal payment or an ACH check. In order to be paid, a business owner must have a minimum $25 threshold for checks to be cut by the ad developer.