Sites similar to CrashPlan

Imagine if your PC crashes and you lose all company information. All of your relevant client files, and all financial records. This can wreak havoc in even the most well-organized companies out there. Since you never know when this might happen, sites like CrashPlan are here to help.

What is CrashPlan?

CrashPlan, and sites like Crashplan, are basically in place to help you store, and back up all relevant company files, in the event your systems go down. If your server goes down, if hacks occur, or if other losses occur, you are at least going to be covered. This will eliminate issues with breach of contract, help you avoid financial loss, and ensure personal client information does not get into the wrong hands.


There are many benefits of using sites like CrashPlan which include:

  • You can back up any amount of information or types of files. No matter what it is, you can store it and back up any important document or file.
  • You maintain control of files. You know where they are stored, how they are stored, and how to access them.
  • Back ups are performed based on the file’s location. So, you can easily store and separate content, based upon how you want to find it at a later time.


Of course, there are also drawbacks to using this site which include:

  • It is cloud-based. So, even though most won’t admit to it, there are still security issues in place for many individuals.
  • Redundancy and waste can also occur. If you re storing multiple files, you can have duplicate content you don’t need.
  • It might not suffice for major companies or for larger storage needs with some businesses.

The Cost of CrashPlan

At about $10 per month you can store and backup relevant and important business information online. This is for unlimited backup. This means employees and others don’t have to worry about over utilization, as you can store anything, at any time.

Alternatives to CrashPlan

So, why choose another site like CrashPlan? There are many reasons. Of course, price comparison is just one of the tools you are going to use to determine whether or not to go with this backup service provider. Additionally, you can:

  • Choose from different backup plans, and storage amounts.
  • Set up parameters for storage, depending on the type of items you want to backup.
  • Configure and custom-tailor a plan which works for you, and for your business needs.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to online storage solutions. Therefore, before you choose CrashPlan, or an alternative for that matter, you should take the time to view and compare features, uses, reviews, and other pertinent information. If you are considering this, or other alternatives, below are a few of the top options you can go through, for your solutions, backup, and saving needs, as a business, or as a personal use looking for online storage solutions.

1. BlackBlaze

One of the most popular alternative sites to CrashPlan in Backblaze. Storage, quick and easy transport, and the ability to store and backup any file, online, so you never have to worry about losing important information.

Some similarities are:
  • You can easily and securely store information online, so it is not out in the open.
  • You have backup systems in place, so you never lose information even if your PC crashes.
  • You can easily set up alerts, or move files into your storage base, so you always have relevant information in one place.
Some of the differences are:
  • It is possibly the easiest to use cloud-storage solution. No weird configuration or issues with file backup.
  • You can specify file formats. You can store nearly any file and any format.
  • You have unlimited space to work with. Whatever you need to store, you can do so securely.

How much is it going to cost you to use BackBlaze? As a business owner, you can pay a one-time fee each year. It will run $50/year for individual, or you can choose the $59.99/year, if you need a business solution for multiple users to rely on.

2. Carbonite

A leader in online storage solutions, Carbonite is one of the top site alternatives to CrashPlan. It has excellent features, storage options, and plans which you can customize to your business’s needs.

Some similarities are:
  • A simple backup wizard. This takes the guesswork out of sending and saving files.
  • You can choose the settings or you can customize your settings for saving files yourself.
  • 128-Bit encryption guarantees your online security for file storage needs.
Some differences include:
  • Continuous backup storage protection solutions for individual or business use.
  • The ability to upload any file type, and save it accordingly.
  • You can backup at chosen frequencies (weekly, monthly, daily, etc.)

The pricing is something which is a little steep for some individual users. For $59.99 per year, it is costlier than others for home use. In terms of business use, you can get a quote for the package plan you need when storing files and backing them up online. Depending on solutions, and additional services you require, it is ideal for businesses to choose a custom-tailored plan, based upon their company’s needs when backing up and storing files securely online.

3. Duplicati

Scheduled backups, easy to upload, and the ability to store various file types, are a few of the similarities to this alternative to CrashPlan online. In addition to this, there are additional services for business customers to use.

Some of the similarities include:
  • Scheduled backup so you can decide how often and what type of files to store.
  • You can specify where to save, as well as the time to backup routinely.
  • Standard protocols mean there is no guesswork when uploading and backing up files.
Some of the differences include:
  • You have options. Unlike CrashPlan, you choose when and how-to backup.
  • You have more solutions. You can choose alternatives when backing up files.
  • You can create usernames and accounts, in the event of multiple users in a business setting as well.

A great feature of using Duplicati is the price. On Mac and Linux systems, you are not going to pay to use these services. So, you can store, backup, configure, and you can choose how to set up file integration, without having to pay an annual fee, or pay a month to month rate in order to use the online backup solutions for your business needs.

4. idrive

This is more than a backup solution for your computer. For businesses who need integrative software, you are going to appreciate the many features which are found using iDrive online for storage.

Some similarities are:
  • Secured encryption keys. Every file is safe and secure when you store it online.
  • Individual encryption means even if one file is compromised, others are secure.
  • The backup scheduler lets you choose at which frequency you will upload files.
Some of the differences include:
  • Limited bandwidth. There is a free and paid-for version, so keep this in mind.
  • It is available for Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.
  • You can use it on the go for your business solution storage needs online.

When choosing this online storage backup solution, you have options available to you. With the 100 GB limit, you can store files and back them up online at no cost. But, for those who want to take advantage of the unlimited options, you will pay an annual fee. Similar to the price of other service providers, it will run about $59.99 per year, for use within a business infrastructure.

5. Elephant Drive

A final site like CrashPlan to consider is Elephant drive. This is possibly the easiest backup system you will find online. There is no guesswork, so anyone can quickly and easily store and upload files online.

Some similarities are:
  • Backup numerous files, and unlimited bandwidth space for users.
  • Quick and easy backups. You can choose date and time settings as well.
  • You can configure file type and how to upload and store the files you store online.
Some of the differences to consider are:
  • The drag and drop solution. No need to use complex filing or other systems in order to back up the files you are storing online.
  • It works on Linux as well as Windows. This is a key difference between it, and other online storage solution systems you can use for business purposes.
  • A lite-version is available free of charge. With this, you do get 2 GB free storage capacity.

Now, for the pricing. With this premium plan, you are going to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to use Elephant Drive for file backup and storage. It is quick, easy, and highly affordable, with unlimited backup space for business users to secure their files in the cloud.