Sites similar to Echosign

The Adobe e-signing solution, is the perfect way to electronically sign documents for business-related purposes. From legal documents, to contracts, to permission slips/forms, electronic solutions help make it far easier to operate quickly in the business world today. The program offers various turnkey integrations, based upon the type of business you operate. So, whether it is a contractual agreement, legal document, or other business document, you can integrate different clauses, or modify signing alternatives, for your particular industry.

What is Echosign?

As the name implies, it allows you to virtually sign documents. This is a great way to help speed up the process of business transactions. Imagine closing on a sale or contract with a client across the globe, without having to meet in person. With this e-sign solution by Adobe, you can do just that.


Some of the benefits of using EchoSign include:

  • A quick solution for time-sensitive documents. You can submit signed documents online, to speed up the process in many contracts.
  • It plugs into existing software and programs. You can utilize it within nearly any business.
  • You can e-sign, you can track, and you can file documents securely online. It makes your life easier as a busy professional who is always on the go.


There are also some drawbacks to consider with EchoSign these include:

  • The cost. With virtual signatures and speeding up the process, you will pay a premium fee.
  • You don’t have paper documents. You can file and maintain records online, but you can’t physically see the document you are signing.
  • There are tier-level monthly subscriptions. So, you have to pay the highest price, for optimal signature solutions online.

The Cost of Echosign

In terms of the pricing, the base app will cost you $14.99 per month, which simply gives you access to signing documents virtually. The business plan will run $30 per month, while the premium will run $45 per month. This allows you to manage languages, settings, and client information.

Alternatives to Echosign

Because of the cost of EchoSign, there are alternative sites like EchoSign available for use as well. Some benefits of choosing the sites like EchoSign include:

  • Affordability. With a lesser-known, or lesser-used site, you can pay a lower price.
  • You can find premium packages, with more features and security, for certain documents.
  • You have the ability to sign multiple forms or documents, depending on the line of business you operate.

Of course, the cost of using EchoSign is one of the drawbacks for many businesses, especially a smaller business on a tight budget. So, if you want the luxury of being able to sign documents electronically, there are alternative sites like EchoSign which will allow you to do so. Whether you are shopping for alternatives and are ready to buy, or simply want to see if there is something better for your particular line of business, these are a few alternatives to consider for your online document signing solution needs.

1. EverSign

One option as an alternative to EchoSign is Eversign. The online e-signature app allows you to sign documents online, and submit them, when time-sensitivity is a concern for certain business transactions.

Some ways it is like EchoSign includes:
  • An online solution. You don’t need the physical paper document to sign and submit.
  • eSignatures meet the most stringent online security needs.
  • You can draw, type, or input signatures, in various manners, depending on the document-type you are submitting.
Some of the differences include:
  • You can sign any type of document. You aren’t limited to legal or business transactions.
  • It is only supported in English. If you are doing business in other languages, you might require other software for signature needs.
  • It allows you to input logos, icons, and different colors for signatures.

The cost for using Eversign begins at $9.99 per month. The signature platform is also legally valid, meaning you can submit court documents for signature through it. The professional is $39.99 per month and Enterprise is $79.99 per month. Each of these are available for use by up to 15 team members within an organization using the signature solution.

2. Sertifi

A second alternative to EchoSign is Sertifi. From PDF documents, to over 300 document types, you can sign nearly anything in no time. Excel, Word, and other documents can be signed using this solution.

Some similarities to EchoSign include:
  • A simplistic design for signing documents when they need to be delivered immediately.
  • The ability to sign different online forms (Excel, Word, PDF, etc.).
  • You can track, so you know the status of a signed document.
Some of the differences include:
  • It gives you the ability to post comments or questions. This will clarify documents, allowing customers to sign even if they aren’t face to face.
  • You can track and submit email upon completion, so you know when documents are filed.
  • There is a free trial and it is based on user, not a fixed pricing plan.

A unique feature of this e-sign solution is that you pay per-user. So, you are going to pay based upon the number of transactions, rather than a flat rate. For smaller businesses, this is a great way to lower costs, and it is still going to allow you to use the e-signature solution for documents.

3. DocuSign

With the ability to sign documents from anywhere and any device, you can truly speed up the business process. No more need to overnight documents when you need a signature for a time-sensitive matter.

This is like EchoSign in that:
  • It allows you to sign virtually any type of document or form in a matter of minutes.
  • It is fully encrypted, so it is secure and can’t be hacked/stolen for sensitive matters.
  • You can email to any recipient for quick return and signature of different matters.
Some of the differences include:
  • Pricing is based on user/single versus business so pricing can greatly fluctuate.
  • Integration connectors are included with all business plans.
  • Customers can incorporate color, logo, and other design fields, based upon the client, and the type of document they are submitting to clients to be signed.

The pricing for an individual is $10 per month which allows for up to 5 signatures per month. Standard and business plans are $25 and $40 per month, which don’t have restrictions on the number of signatures you can receive/send per month. There are also integrated features with business plans, for optimal encryption and online security when submitting/signing documents.

4. RightSignature

With plans as low as $11 per month, and premium at $99 per month, all e-sign solutions are at your fingertips with this program. When speedy transactions need to be submitted, this is a great option for businesses.

Some ways this is similar to EchoSign include:
  • The ability to sign documents in a matter of seconds.
  • The option to use signature, colors, designs, and other logos when submitting documents.
  • It is e-verified for use with legal documents, contracts, and other business-related transactions you are engaging in.
There are also differences with this platform which include:
  • You can sign documents in as little as 60 seconds, and receive confirmation of document receipt.
  • There is text, data fields, and check boxes. So, you can utilize more forms/documents when you need an electronic signature.
  • You can custom-brand documents, for specific businesses, or a client you are working with as well.

The pricing is very affordable. With the individual plan starting as low as $11 per month, and the premium business plan at $99 per month, you can easily sign documents, at high volumes, for an affordable price for any type of business transaction.

5. eSignly

A final alternative site to EchoSign is eSignly. As the name implies, you sign document electronically, which can be submitted to various entities or individuals.

Some of the ways it is similar to EchoSign include:
  • The feature of hand-drawn e signatures for quick and easy processing online.
  • Secured for legally binding documents or business contracts being signed online.
  • Free from security challenges, with high-level encryption for all time-sensitive documents being submitted.
Some of the differences with this platform include:
  • It is more dedicated to individual and smaller business needs. So, the pricing is a little friendlier for users.
  • It can be integrated with the cloud, and documents submitted in a matter of seconds to the end recipient.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of documents/signatures for end clients.

In terms of the pricing, there is a $10 monthly standard, as well as an $18 monthly premium package which can be chosen by users. Both allow for unlimited signatures each month. With the premium, you receive: sequential signature fields, in-person signing, and you can also add attachments when submitting longer documents (contract or legal), which have to be signed electronically.