Sites similar to FileZilla

Filezilla is a free software platform, which allows you to easily transfer and store files to other locations. The Filezilla software and server work together for transfer purposes. This not only allows you to move information to a secure location, but easily transfer files off a computer or mobile device.

What is FileZilla?

It is basically a platform which is going to allow you to transfer files from one location to another. Using the server, and your current laptop, mobile device, or computer, you can move files to a secure location, with the touch of a button. It is quick and easy, and it is a program which you can use with both Mac and Windows devices.


Some of the benefits of using a site like Filezilla are:

  • Quick and easy transfers. All you have to do is to drag and drop a file where you want to put it.
  • You don’t have to do coding or other complex work when transferring.
  • Files of any type and size can easily be transferred while you are online.
  • You can transfer files such as music, extensions, art, and other extensions easily.
  • You can place the files in a more secure location, so they aren’t compromised or lost in the event your computer is wiped out.


Some of the drawbacks of using sites like Filezilla are:

  • It is open-source. Although this does make it free, it also means your PC or device might be compromised.
  • It is supposed to heighten security. However, with multiple users, some items can get lost.
  • You might have to transfer more than once. In the event of file loss or a faulty extension, you might not be able to transfer.
  • It will take some time to transfer files, even though you are using a drag and drop platform to do so.

The Cost of FileZilla

If you plan on using sites like Filezilla, you will have to understand how the software platform works. A major benefit of choosing this, versus other alternatives, is the fact that it is a free cross-platform. This means anyone can download it and use it. And, you can use it for both business as well as for personal files and documents you want to transfer and save.

Alternatives to FileZilla

Filezilla is free for you to use and download. So, if you aren’t going to save on the cost, what is the benefit of other platforms? Some include: the ability to transfer faster, the option to transfer various extensions, ease of use, and the ability to transfer and place files to dedicated folders/locations within the server you are saving it to.

Even though Filezilla is well-known and highly used, it is not the solution for everyone. So, if you are not happy with it, or can’t download it, these are a few of the alternatives to consider downloading, which you can use for business files as well as personal files you want to store and save to a server.

1. Viper FTP

A great site like Filezilla for sharing and transfers is Viper FTP. It is quickly done, it is easy for you to transfer, and all you have to do is choose the file type, and you are ready to go with file transfers securely.

Some similarities are:
  • You can use with any OS, and you can use on mobile or desktop platforms.
  • SFTP transfers are quick, they are easy to do, and safe.
  • The transfers are done in virtually no time at all for your personal or business needs.
Some of the differences are:
  • You can transfer larger files and don’t have to worry about lag or speed times.
  • The transfer process is error proof and it can be done by anyone.
  • You can use for personal and business sharing, and have complete control of how the transfers are run.

A single-user license of $18.99 has to be paid in the US for use. A lifetime upgrade protection is also available for $24.99. So, this is going to afford you the additional security you desire, in the event of loss, or if files are damaged in some way during the transfer.

2. Win SCP

Another alternative to Filezilla for sharing and transfer is Win SCP. This is freeware, which basically means you are not going to have to pay a licensing fee in order to use the platform.

Some similarities are:
  • You can transfer files in no time at all with the drag and drop functionality.
  • You can transfer all file types, including audio and video.
  • Windows transfers are secure and safe both on and offline for users.
Some of the differences are:
  • It is for the Windows platform, so as a Mac user you can’t use the process.
  • You don’t pay a licensing fee or other costs to use the transfer provider.
  • You can quickly and easily download for use, and transfer at high speeds at any time.

In terms of the pricing for this program, it is freeware. So, you do not have to pay to use this for file transfer services. You can simply download it for use, and you are ready to go with the Windows platform you are set up on. There are different versions you can choose to use, based upon the Windows platform you have installed.

3. Cute FTP

On this alternative to Filezilla you can use it on mobile devices, with both Windows and Mac OS. It is also available for both home and professional use within a company’s infrastructure.

Some similarities to Filezilla are:
  • It is easy to file and share content on and offline.
  • It is available for both commercial as well as for personal use.
  • It can easily transfer from a computer to server with the slightest of ease.
Some of the differences are:
  • You can choose any type of file to transfer and upload.
  • You can transfer video and audio files, as well as visual and written content easily.
  • The transfer process will only take a matter of seconds, and all of the transfers are done securely while you are online.

For Windows 9, you will only pay $59.99 for the program. For Mac, it is as low as $39.99. depending on the version, the features, as well as any extensions you choose to add, the price is going to be a fixed rate. And, you will have unlimited access and use once you purchase the program, to use with your OS of choice.

4. Total Commander

If you wish to maintain control of your files, this is the tool to use. For transferring, for quickly and easily uploading and updating, and for securely moving files, you don’t need other tools.

Some similarities of this product to Filezilla are:
  • The manner in which you drag and drop to transfer is the same.
  • It is available for Windows users.
  • It is an open-source platform, so it is easy to use and free of charge.
Some of the differences include:
  • It is available in multiple language for various users.
  • You can download and use the product anywhere in the world.
  • Efficiency in transfers will not only take less time but require far less effort from you, when you are moving any type of file to the storage system.

It is open-source platform for file share and transfer. Basically, what this means is that you will not pay for it. As long as you are on the Windows platform you can use it. Simply download the version which is right for your OS and year, and you are ready to begin the process of moving and securing files anywhere.

5. Flash FXP

A final site to consider is Flash. This transfer software is not only easy for you to download and use, it is going to allow you to transfer quickly, and choose any file type or extension to transfer as well.

Some similarities to Filezilla are:
  • It is a Windows, proprietary based product.
  • SSL/TLS transfers are enabled for quick and efficient movement and transfer.
  • Users can protect files via password and other simplistic built-in tools.
Some of the differences worth noting are:
  • It is not available for the Mac OS. You can only download and use it when you are on a Windows device.
  • You can transfer with mobile devices; however updates may be required at a later date if you do this.
  • Connectivity, interface, and integrity tools, are far superior to others you are going to find with other programs.

For a product which is free to use as an open-source product, you can’t ask for much more. It is quick, it is efficient, and you are not going to find better tools to help you attach, move, and easily transfer files, to secure locations when you want to transfer file types.