Sites similar to iWriter

iWriter is an online platform which allows content writers to create content for clients. Not only is it easy to use, it is an affordable site for clients to hire writers, which speak/write in various languages, to create general content for various topics.

What is iWriter?

It is basically an online platform which connects writers and those in need of content. From writing a blog post, to creating how-to guides, iWriter provides those in need of writing services, to hire various writers to create content on any form/type of content.


There are many benefits to using iWriter, among these are:

  • The site has writers of varying levels. For basic you pay less then premium.
  • For content writers, you can choose topics/content pieces, based upon your knowledge base.
  • For those in need of content, you can choose word count, content type, and write specific instructions, giving writers details about content needs.


There are a few drawbacks to consider as well. Among these are:

  • There aren’t testing restrictions to join. Anyone can register as a writer, so you never know what you get.
  • You can ask for rewrites, but content writers can also reject, which might slow down the process.
  • You can choose from English writers. However, there are writers from other countries, who can get past this barrier/restriction.
  • If you don’t approve within 72 hours, content is automatically approved, so you will pay regardless of quality.

The Cost of iWriter

There are other sites like iWriter to consider if you need content. However, iWriter is a great site because of affordability. You can have 300-word content pieces, written for as little as $1.62. the drawback is that you can’t expect error free, 100% quality, especially at this pay rate.

Alternatives to iWriter

There are other sites like iWriter for content pieces. Some of the benefits of choosing those alternatives include:

  • More control of quality. Some sites are far more stringent as to who can apply/get approved, to write for them.
  • Many sites are specific. So, if content is a difficult niche, you can choose dedicated writers there.
  • There are parameters on other sites. So, if you aren’t happy, or don’t approve within a 3-day window, you aren’t going to be charged for the services if you are not happy with them.

As with everything, there are other sites like iWriter to consider if you need content written. But, this doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be pleased with the work quality either. If you are in need of written content, iWriter is a great platform which brings many writers, from around the world, to you, all in one place. But, for those who want more dedicated content-pieces, there are alternatives to iWriter which you can consider. Whether it is cost, or other variables you are considering, if you are looking for alternatives sites which you can hire writers to create content, these are a few other options to consider.

1. Textbroker

This is one of the many sites which are like iWriter. However, there is testing which is required in order for a writer to be accepted. So, the guidelines are more specific, and content may be higher in quality.

Among the similarities are:
  • You will pay the writer based on word count and their level/status.
  • You can special order content from a specific writer.
  • You can easily create instructions for specific writers, if you need niche-specific writing.
Some of the differences include:
  • Content pieces will cost more money for elite/higher level writers.
  • You can choose the star-rating, so you decide who can write your pieces.
  • The content, niche-areas, are more generalized than is the case with iWriter.

In terms of pricing, you will pay about $2 for a 200-word article, at a 3-star rating. Pricing does fluctuate, and the word count will drive the pricing point. Bear in mind that you can special request content as well, but this is going to cost more money when you choose to hire a specific writer to create the content you need to have written for any specific site or content piece.

2. Pro Papers

If you want a site which is dedicated to educational writing, this is one of the sites like iWriter to consider. You can hire general or specific content, based upon the type of work you need to submit.

Some similarities include:
  • You can indicate what you need, and add special instructions to writers.
  • You can ask for revision and you will only pay for content when you are happy with it.
  • You can choose to hire a specific writer, but you are also going to pay more to do so.
Some of the differences include:
  • This site is more in line with educational content. So, it is harder to become a writer on it.
  • There is affordable writing, but depending on the niche and writing style, you will find pricing can greatly fluctuate from one piece to the next.
  • Anyone can apply to write. So, you don’t know who you are dealing with, and you can’t view writer rating prior to choosing a writer.

Of course, pricing is going to depend on niche and content style. So, depending on the type of content, and the intricacy of pieces, cost can add up quickly.

3. Freelancer

This is another great site which brings freelance writers to those in need of content. Whether posting a single job or several, you can choose what instructions to add to the jobs you post here.

There are similarities to iWriter which include:
  • You can order written content pieces.
  • You can choose the length, writing style, tone, and you can add special instructions.
  • You can dictate the pricing. Quality you desire is based upon writing style, and content pieces.
There are also differences, these include:
  • You can post more than writing gigs here. You can have individuals perform nearly any type of freelance job.
  • Not all applicants are accepted. So, the quality of certain pieces and types of content is going to be higher here as well.

Freelancer pricing is going to be dictated by the content type, the length, and the writer you eventually choose to hire. It is more-so based on a “bidding system” rather than flat rate. So, you are going to go back and forth with the writer, until you can agree on a price, and you only pay for the content when you are pleased with the finished product which is delivered.

4. ListVerse

This is one of the many sites like iWriter for content pieces. A key difference, as the name of the site would indicate, is that this is a site where you have list-based content written by the writer you choose to hire.

Some of the similarities are:
  • You hire who you choose. Content is written by the writer you are comfortable with.
  • You can post nearly any type of job. Simply choose the list, duration, and content needs.
  • The posting of new jobs is fairly easy and straightforward to provide instructions to writers.
Some of the differences of using this site are:
  • It is list-specific. You are hiring a writer to create list-based pieces, not general content.
  • There are restrictions on word count. You have to choose from set word-parameters.
  • The payment is flat, so you can’t choose varying payment schemes.

It is quite simple in terms of pricing. You pay $100 via PayPal for content. Regardless of duration, once the list-piece is completed, and you approve of it as a requester, you will submit the payment to the writer who completes the list which you hire them to complete.

5. Hire Writers

A final site like iWriter to consider is Hire Writers. As it is not as well known, there are fewer jobs, fewer writers, but apart from this, the premise and the layout of both sites are quite similar in nature.

Some similarities are:
  • The site layout. It is nearly identical to that of iWriter.
  • The rating-scheme. It is also fairly similar to how iWriter sets up writer rating and the payout for work.
  • The project listing. You submit work in the same manner as you would when using iWriter to hire writers.
Some of the differences to consider include:
  • The reputation. It is not as well-known, so there aren’t as many writers in the pool to choose from.
  • Anyone can sign up to write, regardless of country. You might not get the best writers for a low price.
  • Pricing is subject to writer availability and project type.

This is a great option for entry-level or simplistic pieces. You can order content for as little as $2 as a requester. But, you should consider quality, reputation, and the fact that you won’t have as many writers to choose from, as you would through iWriter on this platform.