Sites similar to Taboola

If you want to monetize your site, this is a platform which is going to help you do it. With blogs, video content, and other third-party ads, you can quickly and easily add more content, and viable content visitors want to see, in order to increase the profit margins, you are earning as a business owner.

What is Taboola?

Taboola and sites like Taboola, are intended to serve as third-party advertising vehicles. The platform is in place to help sites add content which is rich, engaging, and is going to draw in more visitors to the site. But, it also has a focus on delivering content to the site which is in line with the business (type of ads visitors wants to see), in order to avoid redundancy.


Some of the benefits of sites like Taboola include:

  • They help you to monetize your site. With ads, and other relevant content, you can increase profit lines as a business owner.
  • You can custom tailor ads and content. From blogs to video content, you only place those which are relevant to your industry/niche and audience.
  • You can pinpoint ads, to ensure customers and visitors alike are going to enjoy what you place on your site.
  • A newsfeed experience without walls. Basically, people will see engaging content while they are on your site, which isn’t filler-based, and is of actual interest to your site visitor.


Some drawbacks of sites like Taboola are:

  • They rely on ads. Some people are turned off and annoyed by this, and will instantly leave your site.
  • There is no way to guarantee 100% content which isn’t relevant, won’t make its way onto your site at some point.
  • There are different ways to use content, so not all business owners will know how to maximize profit lines.
  • It is important to rely on other tools, if you truly wish to increase profits, so you are going to have to do some research and work to earn more.

The Cost of Taboola

Cost per click ranges from $0.15-$0.30. Once the conversion rates are accounted for, the business owner is getting somewhere in the $0.37 range, per thousand-page views for the publisher. So, it will take some time to monetize profits and earn high profit-margins.

Alternatives to Taboola

Of course, using alternate sites to Taboola is an option. Higher profits are one of the reasons to consider an alternative site. Other benefits include: content is more engaging, and you can find more pinpointed content, based upon your industry/niche. You can also find video, blog, or feature-rich pieces to place on your site, which visitors are sure to enjoy seeing.

A major issue with PPC and other forms of online advertising is you can possibly turn visitors away. With these alternatives to Taboola, you will find engaging content visitors want to see, and will actually click on, which means you are going to monetize on the ads which are placed on your website.

1. Adblade

This alternate to Taboola is great for certain businesses. Depending on the type of content you create, and who your audience is, there are different ads which are relevant to your site, and audience needs you can place online.

Some similarities are:
  • You choose the ads, and this is based upon the type of site you operate.
  • The earnings and margins are dependent on the type of ad placement.
  • Frequency and number of clicks are going to determine your return when monetizing.
Some of the differences include:
  • Easy to pinpoint where you are earning with real-time stats.
  • You can place ads based upon your audience, and type of content on your website.
  • You can use ads which help sell, or simply work as a blog post, to engage readers online.

The large ad-inventory means you have plenty to choose from when deciding what you will put on your site. There are several great options you can choose from, and the revenues you are going to realize, will depend on the type of ad, placement, and the type of visitors who are coming on your site making purchases through those ads.

2. Outbrain

This is one of the top sites like Taboola to use if you wish to monetize your site. Videos, blogs, and other content pieces can be placed on your site, and based on the click-through rate, profits are generated.

Some similarities include:
  • Ads are placed on your site which are of value to your visitors.
  • You choose ads and content based upon your site needs and visitor needs.
  • You can tailor content and ads based upon what you believe your visitors will enjoy.
Some of the differences include:
  • Monetization will only occur with high click-through rates.
  • It does require plenty of clicks and views, for you to actually see profits.
  • The type and amount of profits depends on ad placement, and types of ads being clicked most often on your site.

You have real-time reporting, as well as the highest CPC rates with this site. This means the earnings are higher than other alternative sites, you have more ad choices, and the cost you will pay is relatively low, and will depend on the types of ads you choose to put on your site as a business owner who wishes to monetize content.

3. Yahoo StreamAds

If you want to use a well-known platform, then this is it. With these ads, content streams, you can incorporate videos, and you can choose ads which are geared towards your specific audiences.

Some of the similarities with sites like Taboola are:
  • You can add streaming ads and video content.
  • You can choose specific content, based on the type of site you operate.
  • There are various ad categories, so nearly any business owner can find something for their specific niche or audience.
Some of the differences are:
  • The look and feel of ads are better and higher quality.
  • The type of advertising is done with larger platforms and companies.
  • You are working with a reputable company in Yahoo, so you know the ads are specifically geared towards the audience you are trying to reach as a business owner.

Ad type and placement are of high priority. So, as a business owner, if you want to monetize and earn more by doing less, then working with this platform in the placement of ads and content, is a quick and easy way to do so, resulting in high profit margins, in less time, and with fewer clicks.

4. Disqus

This alternative to Taboola is also a great option to get the discussion started. Blogs, video content, teaching tools, and more. There are specific ads for broader demographics, so you can find something for any site.

Some similarities include:
  • The ability to choose discussion pieces, such as blogs, to help engage audiences.
  • You can find pieces for any niche, and any type of site content you develop.
  • You can choose ads which will monetize based off the type of product line you sell as a business owner.
Some of the differences include:
  • Ads are geared towards discussion, and engagement, rather than selling alone.
  • You can choose intriguing content which engages, and will help audiences build upon what they are reading or seeing.
  • You can choose blogs, videos, and other content, based upon the type of audience your site caters to.

Highly targetable ads mean you see higher profit margins. The amount you are going to earn depends on the click rate, and it will depend on the placement of the ads. Blogs are obviously going to earn less than videos or sales ads, so keep this in mind when using this platform for monetization.


A final alternative to Taboola to consider is this site. With over 20000 publishers and more than 30 million ad views, you know the content you will get is quality, and linked towards specific niches.

Some similarities include:
  • An easy to use platform when setting up ads.
  • You can import and add content which is valuable to your visitor.
  • You can choose ad content which makes sense for your site.
Some of the differences include:
  • There are adult ads, so you have to be careful with your audience/niche.
  • There are certain ads which aren’t intended for all audiences.
  • Placement, and duration of ads can vary, based upon the type of audience, and your niche, when you are using this platform to generate more profits through your site.

This platform offers one of the highest returns in terms of monetization and click through. However, the addition of adult content ads, does make it difficult to use on some sites. You will have to be careful who your intended audience is, to ensure you choose appropriate ads, and to ensure you are getting high clicks on the ads placed on your site.