Sites similar to Wrike

If you are searching for project management software, this is one of the many options you can choose as a business owner. It is easy to use, easy to implement, and it will give your team leaders, far more control when working with groups of varying sizes, on different tasks and projects for your clients.

What is Wrike?

If you need project management and collaboration solutions in one, then Wrike is a program which might appease to you as a business owner. You can easily view task details, you can implement tasks to individual team members, and you can collaborate on various projects or tasks, at the same time. It will help to streamline the manner in which you work on projects, and allow you to set out dedicated tasks to each team member you are working with.


Some of the benefits of using sites like Wrike include:

  • The ability to set out dedicated tasks to team members. As a project manager, you have far more control and visibility of what is taking place.
  • You have a digital dashboard which allows you to create, edit, and modify projects, so they are carried out to completion by a set date.
  • You can set out benchmarks, modify, and edit tasks, to help complete projects quickly and easily.


There are some drawbacks which also have to be considered, among these are:

  • It has an integrated dashboard. For novice or beginners, it might require a great deal of learning and training.
  • It is intended for larger projects or tasks. For a smaller project, there are limits as to how you can use this software.
  • You can track and monitor progress, however there are limits as to changes you can make on certain group work or tasks.

The Cost of Wrike

Of course, you have to account for the price of using Wrike as well. There are five flexible plans you can choose from as a project manager. Of course, at $9.98, you are far more limited in what you can do, than if you choose the enterprise plan which is billed annually at about $35 per month, per user. So, the cost of using this site can get high, quickly.

Alternatives to Wrike

Cost is probably the leading benefit. At $35 per month per user, other sites like Wrike will end up costing far less to your business. Additional benefits to choosing an alternative include:

  • The ability to dedicate tasks to smaller groups or projects.
  • The ability to customize your dashboard, based on the type of project and team members.
  • Smaller solutions, for smaller business sizes.

Although Wrike is reliable and easy to use, it is also limited in some ways. And, for project management solutions, it is best for larger companies, as the pricing is quite high. So, for those who would like an alternative site like Wrike, for a lower price point, below are a few solutions to consider for your company’s needs.

1. Scoro

As a cloud-based solution, this is a leading alternative to Wrike, based on the cost-factor alone. It also has various project management solutions, which will make sense for smaller projects and companies.

Some similarities include:
  • Project management made simple. You choose features and how to implement them.
  • You can plan and track unlimited projects, based on your business needs.
  • You can integrate and modify projects as changes are made. You can easily make changes or submit new tasks, for members of the team.
Some of the differences worth noting include:
  • It is not as integrative. It doesn’t have as many features as Wrike provides.
  • You can easily track work and bill for time for completion. Billable hours are easy to differentiate on projects.
  • You have end to end management. From selling to project completion, you can track it all in one place.

The pricing for using Scoro as an alternative site to Wrike is a bit cheaper as well, which makes it a top contender for project management solutions. At $19 per month, for up to 5 users, you can simplify project management solutions, and keep track of employee workload easily.

2. Asana

If you want usability and reliability, then this is a great site like Wrike to consider for project management solutions. It is easy to use, integrative, and gives you complete control of projects from start to finish.

It is similar to Wrike in that:
  • Project managers can see it all, and modify on the dashboard as needed.
  • Managers can assign tasks and edit projects, to ensure completion by the anticipated dates.
  • Customization and personal dashboards give full control, and accessibility, for individual projects for clients.
Some of the differences to note include:
  • Sharing between team members is easy. And, team members can also communicate easily.
  • Customization is a key selling point. You can modify tasks and projects, based upon client needs at any time.
  • Modifying end dates for any project is also quick and easy to do, so you can keep track of changes as they occur during any project.

A robust free version of this tool is one of the many reasons to consider it for project management. And, with customization plans, you can find options as low as $15 per month, per user, with this program for project leaders to assign tasks.

3. Clarizen

Easy to use and deploy are a few of the selling points with this project management solution. Simplification and customization of projects, based on client needs, also make it a top alternative to Wrike.

Some of the similarities between the two include:
  • Easy to use, and quickly speed up the manner in which projects are completed.
  • Customize tasks and features through the intuitive dashboard.
  • The ability to see project completion status and to make changes as necessary for any project your team is working on.
Some of the differences to consider are:
  • It is simple to adapt. Users can create their own personal space, to modify how projects are completed.
  • It is easy to dedicate tasks and give team members more control of projects.
  • It can be used within any industry or project. Dedicated tools give you full control of how to assign tasks to team members.

With unlimited access, per user each month, you are looking at about $45, regardless of team size. Although it is costly, you don’t have to worry about multiple users, and increased costs, for larger projects, as is the case with other platforms for project management solutions.

4. Dapulse

With a great user experience, everyone on the team can clearly see what is done, and has to be completed. Project management is made extremely simple with this great resource for any organization or team.

Some of the similarities you will appreciate include:
  • Ease of use, and the ability to customize based upon team needs.
  • A collaboration component allows you to give the reigns to team members on certain projects or tasks.
  • An intuitive dashboard allows you to work on multiple projects at once.
Some of the differences from Wrike include:
  • It gives any team member a say. Anyone can contribute at any point during the project.
  • It gives the team members more control. It allows for modification and changes to be made at any time.
  • Social media interface is familiar. Communications are easier, and you can draw from various resources on different projects.

The number of users and team members will cause fluctuations in the pricing of using Dapulse. For as little as $29 per month, you have access for up to 5 users, and you can easily implement or modify the tasks of projects as they are completed.

5. Task World

A final site like Wrike to consider for project management is Task World. It is easy to use, intuitive, and gives you multiple ways in which you can manage a project from the start to completion.

Some similarities which users will appreciate include:
  • Project analysis tools. You can always see where things lie, and where changes should be made.
  • You can implement changes at any time, and team members will view them real-time.
  • You have insight as to what works, what doesn’t and where changes should be made.
Of course, there are also differences to consider, which include:
  • The user-friendly UI. It is intuitive, easy to work with, and anyone can grasp concepts easily when working on the platform.
  • Regardless of their role in the project, the user-interface is intuitive, and gives all team members control of tasks they are completing.
  • It is quick and easy to implement new tasks and modify projects at any point in time.

With a starting price of $4.99 per user, on a monthly basis, you are in complete control of pricing. This is ideal for small groups or small projects in need of great management solutions in one place.